I think the 3 most powerful cards are “Horakhti the Creator of Light” (the fusion of the 3 god cards) , “Armitael, Phantasm of Chaos” (the fusion of the 3 sacred beast cards. Ok i have to says thats really funny but thats why this should be posted in the Joke Card Section please. Despite the name, Crush Card Virus, is one of the most powerful yet worst Trap Card ever in Yu-Gi-Oh.

What is the second yu gi ohmost powerful card ever?. We stock Single Cards, Starter Decks, Booster Packs and Big Value Booster Boxes. If you manage to gather all 5 pieces, he’s unstoppable. (In a real duel, holding all of the Exodia pieces allows you to. Crush Card Virus has the ability to destroy all of your opponent’s monsters. ChaCha Answer: The Egyptian God Monsters are the 3 most powerful and feared cards ever. I don’t think that exodius is the most powerful card in yu gi oh because “Blackwing Armor Master.
These Are the most Powerful

The strongest monster in all of Yu-Gi-Oh is Exodia
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